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The TMV Mission

TMV – Increasing Professional Pride – Improving Service Engagement
  • Measuring and developing increased emotional intelligence
  • Enhancing the skills, knowledge and attitudes of service teams
  • Empowering frontline employees to make decisions
  • Improving server-customer engagement through mindful communication
  • Strengthening patron loyalty and encouraging return visits

“Increasing emotional intelligence across your service teams, may just be the silver bullet that you have been looking for. Authentic personal connection with your patrons is more powerful than any other marketing activity”

Dave Upson, Managing Director TMV.

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Is the service in your venue, emotionally mature?

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How We Can Help

What makes your venue stand out from the competition?

  • Improved Coffee Skills
  • Engaged Service Staff
  • Confident Wine Service
  • Passionate Beer Service Bartenders
  • Safe and Welcoming Accommodation
  • Understanding Risk Management

Looking For A Career In Hospitality ? #IsHospitalityMyGig?

Contact us for a free consultation about your hospitality career aspirations and we can guide you towards the best pathway for achieving goals in this exciting sector. We can help you with:

  • Skills profiling to see where you fit most effectively into the industry
  • Seminars, workshops and conferences to improve your industry knowledge
  • Training programs to improve your current skills or assist you in achieving senior leadership positions within the industry

#RaiseTheBar Workshops in your Venue

#RaiseTheBar Workshops can help any venue stand out from the competition. Truly professional service staff and many venue owners get frustrated by mediocre service and ordinary skills from the team.
Talk to us about how to get the whole team up to speed!:

  • Authentic connection with guests
  • Sell them more of what they want
  • Understand they came to buy an experience
  • Help the team understand the profit margins
  • Give them the tools, then trust the team to do what they are good at!

Increase service team EI and watch revenues climb.

Studies have shown that Emotionally Intelligent interactions with customers from service teams are proven to increase revenues by 35% – 45% in hospitality businesses. Emotional Intelligence (unlike IQ) can actually be identified, coached and increased. This approach leads to a continuous improvement cycle of “EI aware” managers, owners and service staff developing their skills and applying them to improved customer engagement.



Six weeks into 2017 – How’s it going for you?

I played golf recently with a good mate who manages a 4.5 Star metropolitan hotel. He made a very poignant observation, “It’s only early February and I done so much already this year!” His measures of success revolved around his professional, personal and family scenarios and he was clearly pumped about the outcomes. His hotel…


Team Waiter

Do Hospitality Supervisors Really Supervise?

Hospitality Supervisors Need A Hands On Approach. I was at a venue recently for a meeting with two hospitality industry colleagues and I noticed something that seems to be becoming a common trait with young, dare I say, “untrained” food and beverage attendants. I won’t even use the term “waiter” because they don’t really fit…


Whsiky Glass

Whisky or Whiskey

Whiskey or Whisky?
How does the change of seasons affect your eating and drinking pattern? As the southern hemisphere moves into Autumn and our northerly neighbors enjoy the smells and sounds of Spring, our patterns of consumption change.


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