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We are passionate about building professional pride in the hospitality, tourism, and leisure industry sector. Our goal is to see dedicated service professionals seeking continuous improvement and contributing to an online community of service-minded people. We will continue to add material for our subscribers as we identify high-quality content which can enhance the delivery of true hospitality service to guests in our venues. If you have any specific request for topics or information please let us know and we will endeavor to locate the best available sources of that information and include it for our subscribers. We want to hear from our subscribers and continue to build a resource that serves the needs of our TMV community.

Hospitality may not be referred to as “the oldest profession” but it has certainly been around for as long as people have had the desire to congregate, commune and enjoy each others company.  Let’s do our best to ensure that the service staff of today become ambassadors for an industry committed to excellence as we provide true hospitality to the visitors in our venues! .

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