Bistro and Restaurant Bookings – Meet, Greet and Seat

WelcomeThe welcome experience usually starts with a booking made by friendly exchange via telephone or online system. (yes even your online system needs to be user-friendly and welcoming)

Understanding Wine Fundamentals

Gain confidence engage the customer and sell more wine

Did You Know Confident Waiters Sell More Wine ?

Sometimes the most cheerful and engaging bar staff or waiters are still a little reticent when it comes to recommending or up-selling wines. This content is designed help the team quickly gain confidence and sell more wine to satisfied customers.

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Hospitality Industry Staff Induction Program

Hospitality Staff Induction Program

Induct Your Venue Staff

This dynamic multi-media course is an ideal staff induction package for hospitality, tourism and leisure industry workers in restaurants, clubs, pubs, casinos, canteens, gaming and function venues. It is an ideal first step to assist you with risk management and ‘duty of care’ towards your staff.

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Coffee – Growing ,Roasting, Harvesting

Coffee is one of the worlds strongest commodities and one of the fundamental pleasures of many people’s daily routine. If you want to make good coffee you need to understand the background to the magical beans that arrive at your venue in carefully selected packaging.

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Coffee Making Equipment

If good coffee is 50% Barista, 25% beans selection and 25% coffee making equipment, Then it is important that your venue gets this right. Learn how to use and care for your equipment, after all it is one of the larger capital investments in the front of house equipment.

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Coffee – The Grinder

Understanding how to maintain and fine tune your coffee bean grinder can set your venue apart from the ordinary outlet that waits for the coffee rep to drop in three or four times a year. Regular cleaning, maintenance and adjusting the settings on your grinder will ensure that the beans are being ground for optimum consistency.

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Coffee – Perfect Espresso and The Espresso Menu

Is your front of house team up to speed with the terms that coffee aficionados might use when ordering their favorite style of this magical beverage? We need to remember that our customers are often passionate and well educated in matters surrounding their choice of food and beverage. Our service team needs to be equally as well informed.

Coffee – Milk Texturing

Have you ever been served a coffee that smells like burnt milk? Or maybe a coffee that was lukewarm and slightly sour? Helping your service team understand that Milk Texturing is more than just heating a jug of milk to bang out a few Lattes can make your cafe, bar or restaurant the destination of choice for serious coffee drinkers.

Coffee – Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping the coffee work station in pristine condition is one of the most critical functions of the Front of House team. Customers will take one look at a dirty and chaotic work station and ask themselves “How bad is it out in the kitchen if they can’t manage this area?” Learn how to structure a routine that will make the whole process easier.

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Coffee Art

Coffee Art is an inspirational video training program produced by William Angliss Institute for the more experienced espresso coffee attendant or Barista. It covers the required equipment and materials, milk texturing techniques and demonstrates a range of coffee art designs that can be achieved as confidence is developed. The designs featured are from both the “poured designs” and “chocolate syrup designs” categories…

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Introduction To Food Safety

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the compliance requirements that you need to meet in a food service premises? Our training content, knowledge test and permanent database of staff participation can ease that anxiety for you. TMV will assist the venue in satisfying the relevant Duty of Care responsibilities in your locality and aid the prevention of outbreaks of food borne illness.

Telephone Technique

Even in this new digital age, the telephone is still the first human touch-point with our existing and potential customers. They search for our venue on their smart phone, then they click through to call us. Most people want a human connection to ensure that their booking is assured and to check for any additional pieces of information that may not be well communicated in digital mediums. Make sure you maximise the opportunity to convert more calls to in-house customers by getting your team to undertake this short program.

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Presenting Carlton Draught Beer

This is where you gain a sound knowledge of the CUB draught beer process and presentation methods to ensure your venue is serving your beers as the brewer intended. It is designed to assist you in making maximum profits from your draught beer sales with less wastage and professional service!

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New Course

this is the coure description.

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CUB Cellar Operations

This is another Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) contribution to our learning material and the course is broken into two sections:

Basic Cellar Operations covers all areas that casual and full-time staff need to know about cellar safety and keg changing.

Advanced Cellar Operations covers opening and closing procedures, cleaning and maintenance of kegs and the cellar. This is recommended for full-time staff and those in charge of the cellar.

Both sections of learning material are designed with sound OH&S policy and procedures in mind. They can a great tool to use for increasing basic knowledge of beer reticulation, improving draught beer management skills and broadening knowledge of operational procedures. Your venue may not be dispensing CUB products or using a CUB system so we encourage you to preview the course before assigning it to specific staff members to see if the content is consistent with the type of cellar and beer reticulation system that you have in your venue.

Workshops In Your Venue

TMV provides workshop facilitation in non-accredited topics designed to enhance the skills of your service teams. All participants will be assigned an online assessment following the session with a TMV certificate of attainment available upon successful completion:

  • Venue Training 101© for selected Managers and Supervisors – six hours of introduction to basic adult learning theory and practical content on training in hospitality, tourism and leisure venues.
  • BISTRO© – 2 hour practical workshop for service teams from the bistro, function or restaurant areas aimed at improving practices and procedures .
  • BAR TEND© – 2 hour practical bar tending workshop for beverage attendants from all areas of bar dispense aimed at improving practices and procedures.
  • Sensational Service© – 2 hour workshop designed to increase confidence for any venue staff who are dealing directly with the customers.
  • Wine Service 101© – 2 hour practical workshop for novice wine servers to gain a basic understanding of wine styles, palate structure and service protocols.
  • Serving is Selling© – 2 hour workshop for any food and beverage service team members designed to help overcome barriers to “selling” in the context of the service industry

These sessions are a sample of the types of workshop TMV can provide in your venue. Contact us for more information, additional topics and a quote for your venue.

TMV Training Content

At TMV we are continually searching for new content to assist hospitality, tourism and leisure professionals improve their skills, knowledge and attitude. Our industry is often staffed by enthusiastic people who are busy studying in some other field of endeavour. Our aim is to provide an affordable, convenient and accessible place for venue staff to learn how to enhance their service on the job. Our courses are mainly short duration, online learning experiences that are backed up with a brief knowledge based assessment. Successful completion of the online test allows the participant to generate a Train My Venue certificate of attainment in each topic. These are a great addition to the staff member’s Resumé to demonstrate a commitment to professionalism. The subscriber venue will have access to their database for staff performance reviews, risk management information and team analysis for rostering or succession planning.

Please contact us if you have any specific content requests that you feel would benefit your venue and the wider TMV community.

TMV -Reinforcing professional pride in our teams, our venues and our industry!

Training Topics:

  • Coffee Art
  • Introduction to Wine Service
  • Workshops in your Venue
  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Telephone Technique
  • Cellar Operations
  • Introduction to OH&S
  • Introduction to Beer Dispense
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Front Office Procedures
  • Introduction to Espresso Coffee
  • Bundaberg Rum