The welcome experience usually starts with a booking made by friendly exchange via telephone or online system. (yes even your online system needs to be user-friendly and welcoming) We hope you have already completed the Telephone Technique training session and are practising those tips in your daily interactions with customers. Here is another brief video specifically focused on taking bookings.

OK, so we’ve taken the bookings, now what do we do when the guests arrive? Well, the bookings have helped us to layout the table plans, so watch this video and see how to Meet, Greet and Seat your customers.

Many modern venues do not have linen serviettes and the need for the formality of “laying the napkin”. However, if you find yourself in a dining room that follows this procedure the next short video will explain how to do it correctly without intruding on the personal space of your guests.

While you are practicing your new skills, remember to smile, use confident eye contact and make your guests feel welcome!

This can also be your first opportunity to sell something at the table. Offer the guests a pre-dining drink. Even if they are not interested in an alcoholic beverage because of the time of day or the meeting is work-related, you may still be able to sell a bottle of sparkling mineral water.