A Clean Machine Shows Professional Pride

A Two Group Coffee Machine

Excellence in service and consistent high quality coffees will set you and your venue apart from the ordinary competitor in your precinct. Your job as Barista or even “apprentice coffee maker” will require you to do many more tasks than just making coffee and looking good for the customers. Cleaning Coffee Equipment will a be part of your normal workday duties. There will also be cleaning and maintenance tasks scheduled for weekly, monthly or other timetabled regular cleaning and maintenance routines. The manager and even your customers will be looking for you to service the equipment to ensure that the end result is a perfect cup of coffee.

Why Cleaning Coffee Equipment is Critical

Some of the critical points for Cleaning Coffee Equipment include:
• Carefully following Occupational Health &Safety requirements
• Clean machine parts according to the manufacturers guidelines
• Monitor and assess the operation of each function of the machine
• Check machine parts for regular wear and attend to any adjustements

This video and supporting knowledge test, can help you understand these functions. Further guidance and coaching from your supervisor and coffee company representative after the training program, will help make you an even better Barista!