USA commercial-coffee-grinder
The grinder is possibly the poor cousin in terms of people admiring the equipment at your coffee station. But you and I know better! The cleanliness, maintenance and calibration of this little goldmine is a critical piece of the jigsaw in producing excellent coffee, day after day after day. Look after this little guy and you will be well rewarded.

Did you know that a dirty or poorly adjusted grinder can impact on the quality of the coffee you produce? Rancidity in the bean hopper or a bad grind setting, can quietly turn customers away from your venue because the quality of the coffee being served is affected. Understanding how to maintain and fine-tune your coffee bean grinder can set your venue apart from the ordinary outlet that waits for the coffee rep to drop in three or four times a year. Regular cleaning, maintenance and adjusting the settings on your grinder will ensure that the beans are being ground fresh and for optimum consistency.