Hospitality Industry Staff Induction Program

Hospitality Staff Induction is sometimes overlooked in our busy industry. A new person arrives and is thrown in to shadow another team member for the first shift – sound familiar? Why not prepare them before they arrive with a link to an online course and supporting knowledge test outlining some key points? This dynamic multi-media course is staff induction package crafted for hospitality, tourism and leisure industry workers in restaurants, clubs, pubs, casinos, canteens, gaming and function venues. It is an ideal first step to assist the venue with risk management and ‘duty of care’ towards your staff. We recommend encouraging longer term existing staff members to undertake the TMV Hospitality Industry Staff Induction Program as a refresher and also to equip them in mentoring new team members.

Developed by eLearning Products in conjunction with William Angliss Institute, we are pleased to provide a program designed to give your staff an understanding of the basic requirements for hospitality venue employee responsibilities. After completing this course and the attached knowledge test, a record of your staff’s achievements will be archived in our system. As a subscriber of Train My Venue, this allows you retrieve the information as required for future risk management, performance reviews or regulatory body audits. In today’s culture of increased compliance for employers it is comforting to know that your venue employee information is available online at the click of a button. No more rummaging through filing cabinets and storage boxes to satisfy a Worksafe investigator or to counsel an employee on appropriate behaviors.

Topics include:

Representing your business
Hand washing
Personal grooming & hygiene
Emergency evacuation & fire safety
Work health & safety
The use of drugs and cigarettes
Types of hazards
Discrimination and bullying
Medical emergencies
Manual handling
Duty of care
Recycling & pest control
Guide dogs
Being green
and more …….

Would you like an in-house version including your venue’s images, policies and procedures? Contact us and we can arrange for a representative from eLearning Products to call you.