This non-accredited course presents the basic food safety information that all food and beverage handlers must apply in order to meet legally-imposed obligations. It will assist the venue in satisfying the relevant Duty of Care responsibilities in your locality and aid the prevention of outbreaks of food borne illness. The information and practices described in this course will assist venues in risk management, compliance with legislated food safety requirements and generally improve the quality of service as customers observe healthy food handling practices. As beverages are deemed to be food, it is important for beverage staff (bar attendants and drink waiting staff) as well as cooks, kitchen attendants, and food waiting staff to understand and apply the essential knowledge contained in this course.

The course material and assessment is all conducted online, giving staff the ability to undertake the training and the assessment at their own pace from any internet-connected computer. Course material features text, photographs, and videos and includes coverage of safe food handling and processing temperatures, dealing with ‘high risk ‘ foods, personal hygiene, cleaning, avoiding cross-contamination, safe food storage, pest control, waste control and much more.

Improve your regulatory compliance by ensuring that all service staff complete this course and reduce the potential for the venue to be fined, closed and/or adversely mentioned in the media as a result of a food borne incident being linked to your venue.