Origins of Coffee


Roasted Coffee Beans

The origins of coffee are in the highlands of Abyssinia – now Ethiopia. Before the 10th century nomadic tribes discovered that the fruit was edible and that the seeds could be ground and mixed with animal fats to produce a high-energy food. Towards the end of the 16th century trading companies began to see the great commercial value of coffee and successfully launched it into Europe. There are many legends and folk tales around the discovery of coffee, our course shares a few of these with you.

Coffee was first drunk in North America in 1688 where it was usually drunk with sugar or honey and cinnamon. By 1696 coffee had replaced a kind of beer called “must” as a breakfast drink and became increasingly popular. Coffee became the national drink in the USA due to a levy imposed on tea by the Britons.

Growing Coffee, Harvesting and Roasting

Learn about how the beans are grown, harvested and roasted so that you can have a better understanding of the origins of those fantastic coffees you are making for your customers.