Carlton Draught Beer Presentation

Presenting Carlton Draught Beer correctly requires knowledge, skill and an hospitable attitude. CUB is committed to helping venues mentor their staff to become truly professional bartenders. This program is where you learn about the basics of the service of CUB draught beer. The service team will gain a sound knowledge of the draught beer process and presentation methods to ensure your venue is serving your beers as the brewer intended.


CUB Yatala Brewery

It is designed to help the venue achieve maximum profits from draught beer sales with less wastage and professional service! While this is a course that can help the novice bartender, it will also refresh the outlook of an experienced publican, as it takes us back to the basics of draught beer service and presentation. Every pub, club and venue with bulk beer dispense, should add this to the training schedules and have the service team complete the assessment. Managers, supervisors and indeed your CUB brewery representative can follow up with a practical session to see how the team is performing.

With less product down the drip tray, there will be more margin in every keg. Increased profit, less wastage, greater customer satisfaction – everybody wins!