Serving Sparkling Wine at the table is something of an art. A competent and confident wine waiter can really enhance the experience for the patrons of the venue if they complete this task smoothly. This video recommends a “waiters table” to assist with the task but many bars and restaurants don’t have that luxury as every bit of floor space is used for customer tables. It’s best to learn how to do this at the table side. Remember an apron or waiters pants with pockets are invaluable for placing foil caps, wire cage and opener etc. rather than creating a mess on the diner’s table. Wherever you open a bottle of sparkling wine, whether behind the bar or out on the floor, make sure you do not have the bottle pointed at anyone including yourself. An errant cork that escapes unexpectedly can cause serious eye damage or even break light fittings. If you haven’t opened many bottles of sparkling, ask your Supervisor if you can help with functions or events where you might get plenty of practice behind the bar before you head out to the restaurant table for more personal service. We hope you enjoy this Youtube episode produced by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust from the United Kingdom

OK off you go and do your knowledge test then perhaps you could open a nice bottle of fizz to celebrate your success!