Old Fashioned Phone
The good old fashioned telephone is still the front line channel for customer contact with a venue. The various digital channels may provide the initial information, some essential research and identify where the venue is located but bookings and enquiries are still mostly driven by telephone. This training video deals with how to use one of the most powerful tools in a hospitality business and improve telephone technique. Our video program addresses topics including:

  • Dealing With Enquiries – The basics of handling customer enquiries quickly and efficiently
  • Threatening or Suspicious Calls – Provides sensible guidelines for handling unexpected aggression.
  • Poor Customer Service – This section identifies how inappropriate response to a telephone call can damage the relationship with customers.
  • Effective Communication Skills – simple tips and sound advice to improve telephone skills.
  • Poor Telephone Technique – The final clip in our training movie shows a lack lustre performance by an irresponsible bottle shop attendant. Participants are asked to identify a range of faults he demonstrated in his handling of the call.