Understanding Wine Fundamentals

Sometimes the most cheerful and engaging bar staff or waiters are still a little reticent when it comes to recommending or up-selling wines. The only thing holding them back is confidence. Our short duration courses help them to understand some of the basics of wine appraisal without getting too technical. Wine consumption and service should be an approachable (and dare we say – enjoyable) topic for any hospitality professional. Starting with our segments in the Understanding Wine Fundamentals section we know the team will quickly gain confidence and be selling more wine to satisfied customers.


Serving Wine With Confidence

Once your team has covered the basics we know they will want to keep expanding their knowledge and developing their skills.

Continuous Improvement is the key to maintaining a committed and energetic service team and we practice that philosophy here at TMV also. Subscriber venues have access to an ever increasing library of product knowledge and wine service techniques.