Team Waiter

Do Hospitality Supervisors Really Supervise?

Hospitality Supervisors Need A Hands On Approach. I was at a venue recently for a meeting with two hospitality industry colleagues and I noticed something that seems to be becoming a common trait with young, dare I say, “untrained” food and beverage attendants. I won’t even use the term “waiter” because they don’t really fit…


Superbowl Fever

Special events can be a little hard to keep track of in this busy world we live in. Almost every day there seems to be a “cause”, “event”, “anniversary” etc. However the opportunities for the savvy club, pub or bar operator to create additional in-house experiences for customers can be rewarding. Sift through calendar with…


Product Knowledge – Keeping Up with our Customers

Have you ever been in that situation where your guests are discussing some aspect of a wine, beer, coffee or food item and you have no idea what they are talking about? It rattles your confidence and can have you second guessing your choice of employment when your own product knowledge is bit shallow.