A new financial year – How’s it going for you?

I played golf recently with a good mate who manages an international 5-star hotel. He said, “I can’t believe the first quarter is done already, but I’m pretty happy with my achievements!” His measures of success revolved around his professional, personal and family scenarios and he was clearly pumped about the outcomes. His hotel is…


Superbowl Fever

Special events can be a little hard to keep track of in this busy world we live in. Almost every day there seems to be a “cause”, “event”, “anniversary” etc. However the opportunities for the savvy club, pub or bar operator to create additional in-house experiences for customers can be rewarding. Sift through calendar with…

Bootleg Highway (129)

Your People are the Pulse of Your Venue

I visited some great venues over the weekend with some muso mates as we did a little road trip to the Murray River region. We called into various coffee shops, bakeries, roadhouses, wineries and pubs on our journeymen’s adventure. My mates come from a range of non-hospitality backgrounds, so it was interesting to hear their…

TMV 103994_3015872_380460_image

Welcome to the second generation Train My Venue (TMV)

Author – Dave Upson, Managing Director, Train My Venue. Thank you for visiting our new site at and as one of the original founders I am delighted be announcing the launch of the second generation of this exciting venture. It all began as an idea born out of a conversation among some people who are passionate about the…